'Thanksgiving Sides' on Serious Eats

Beyond Pie: More Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Are you a rebel? Are you a dessert maverick? Do you dare serve something other than pie at Thanksgiving? If so, these recipes are for you, and they don't look half bad. There are plenty of ways to include autumn's signature flavors into desserts that go beyond the usual offerings. More

Thanksgiving Pies: Pecan Pie Recipes

Whether made with corn syrup, maple syrup, golden syrup, or honey, pecan pie is a dessert favorite. But have you ever spiced yours up with kumquats, chocolate, espresso, or bourbon? What about orange peel? While I love a classic pie, these recipes all look pretty tempting. More

Thanksgiving Pies: Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

Ok, so pies aren't exactly sides, but they're such important parts of the Thanksgiving tradition that I had to include them in this series. Rich pumpkin (or sweet potato) custard, spiced with cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and sometimes booze, these pies are my all-time favorite. They're sometimes even better after they've set for a day, so you can make your pies ahead of time to cut down on last minute stress. More

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