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How to Make a Flaky Pie Crust

Kumiko Mitarai 15 comments

I've recovered from early pie-making traumas to make crusts that are both flaky and tender. For me, the key was in the technique—working quickly with cold ingredients, keeping some of the fat in little solid chunks, giving the dough a good rest in the fridge, and handling the dough gently. Maybe it sounds like a long list of things to keep in mind, but I promise it's not complicated. Check out the step-by-step slideshow so you can become a crust-making pro too. More

How to Temper Eggs

Kumiko Mitarai 5 comments

Is your ice cream turning out less than silky smooth? Your pudding looking curdled? And your spaghetti carbonara—is it a bit lumpy? Your problem might be in the tempering. Mine was. More

Technique of the Week: How to Beat Egg Whites

Kumiko Mitarai 7 comments

This slideshow will take you through the process of achieving perfectly beaten egg whites, from the whole egg to stiff peaks. More

Technique of the Week: How to Cream Butter and Sugar

Kumiko Mitarai 26 comments

I did my best with our family's old hand mixer but always wondered, do they really mean light and fluffy? How could a stick of butter and some sugar ever be anything but thick and heavy? More

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