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Snapshots from Sweden: Vanilla Hearts and Cardamom Cookies at Flickorna Lundgren

Robyn Lee Post a comment

The pack of cardamom cookies I brought back from the over 70-year-old café and bakery Flickorna Lundgren didn't last long in the Serious Eats office; by the end of the day only a few crumbs remained. But as good as the cookies tasted here, they probably would've tasted better in their original, fairytale-esque setting in southern Sweden. Flickorna Lundgren bursts with greenery and flowers from their thatched-roof cottage filled with baked goods, to their garden featuring a pond and plenty of outdoor seating, to their airy greenhouse, perfect for sitting indoors on a rainy afternoon like on the day I visited. More

Snapshots from Sweden: Giant Cinnamon Buns from Café Husaren in Gothenburg

Robyn Lee 10 comments

I only ate one cinnamon bun (or "kanelbulle" in Swedish) during my week-long trip in Sweden, which seems a bit low for being in a country where cinnamon buns run rampant (like in its neighboring country, Norway, which I've talked about before)—but damn, did I make that one cinnamon bun count. Because it was the largest cinnamon bun I'd ever seen. More

Snapshots from Sweden: Spettekaka from Fricks Spettkaksbageri

Robyn Lee 9 comments

The name of the traditional Swedish cake spettekaka translates to "spit/skewer cake," named so for how the cake is made: Thin lines of batter are pipped in densely webbed layers onto conical molds on a rotating spit. Although the name may not sound like anything special, the end result is impressive. More

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