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A Cookie A Day: Kossuth Cakes

There's something appealingly snack cake-like about these Kossuth Cakes—with their fudgy frosting and middles full of fluffy cream, not quite as s'mores-y as a Moon Pie but certainly in the same family. But we'd take these sandwich cookies over a Moon Pie any day of the week because, well, they're chocolate covered cookies stuffed with whipped cream. More

A Cookie A Day: Buffalo Chip Cookies

With recipes and stories submitted from all over the country, Sugar, Sugar is filled with sentimental sweets, among them these Buffalo Chip Cookies, a crisp-chewy take on the kitchen sink cookie. The base of the cookie is similar to a classic chocolate chip, but when it comes time for the add-ins, you can really go wild. The recipe calls for cornflakes, chocolate chips, rolled oats, and pecans but that's just the tip of the iceberg. More

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