'Shoofly Pie' on Serious Eats

Know Your Sweets: Shoofly Pie

Shoofly Pie (Aliases: Shoo Fly Pie, Shoo-fly Pie, Shoe Fly Pie) is a gooey molasses-based confection best known as a regional specialty of Pennsylvania and for its association with Amish and Mennonite Country. Want to know about the wet- versus dry-bottom debate or which molasses to use? Read on. More

8 Places To Buy Your Holiday Pies In Seattle

It's sweet pies that I'm seeking for upcoming holiday dinners, including Thanksgiving. Oh, it's nice to bake a pie, especially with so many seasonal ingredients in the offing, but sometimes there's no time for such tasks, which makes the convenience of pie shops particularly alluring. I've scoured the streets of Seattle looking for a selection of pie places to alleviate you of your baking burden. Here are 8 great choices. More

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