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Sugar Rush: Whiskey Date Cake at Miller's Guild in Seattle

Jay Friedman 1 comment

From the huge housemade doughnuts to mincemeat pie, there are a variety of intriguing sweets at Miller's Guild. But if you can only get one, make it the Whiskey Date Cake. More

You'll Find Solid Japanese-Inspired Sweets at Fresh Flours in Seattle

Jay Friedman Post a comment

Matcha, azuki, black sesame, ginger, and satsuma imo (sweet potato) are among the Japanese ingredients you'll find in use at Fresh Flours bakery in Seattle. Enjoy them in such treats at the Green Tea & Azuki Red Bean Pound Cake. More

Where to Get Dessert Near Pike Place Market in Seattle

Jay Friedman 5 comments

Pike Place Market is a working market for locals as well as a central attraction for tourists and business travelers alike. There are plenty of places to satisfy your sweet tooth, but here's where we recommend you start. More

Parfait in Seattle Isn't Just a Scoop Shop, It's an 'Ice Cream Patisserie'

Jay Friedman 6 comments

Parfait serves up some of the best ice cream in Seattle. We checked out their brick and mortar location and also gave the patisserie items a try. More

We Eat Everything at Piroshky Piroshky in Seattle, Part II: Sweet

Cameron Kane 3 comments

Yesterday we shared every savory morsel at Piroshky Piroshky, the purveyor of Russian piroshki—individually-sized pies with sweet or savory fillings, wrapped in dough and baked—at Pike Place Market. But this popular shop sells sweet versions as well, and we gave them all a try. More

Sugar Rush: Ebelskivers at the Skillet Diner, Seattle

Jay Friedman Post a comment

Skillet's ebelskivers are a snowy scene worth admiring. The pancake batter melts in the mouth, and the bed of lingonberry jam adds just the right amount of fruity sweetness. More

Stacy Fortner's Favorite Sweets in Seattle

Erin Jackson Post a comment

When she's not overseeing the pastry program at all of the Tom Douglas-owned restaurants in Seattle, Stacy Fortner finds time to satisfy her sugar cravings with an assortment of treats, from deep-fried sesame rice balls to a simple cup of frozen vanilla custard. Read on for all of her current favorites in Seattle. More

From Chinese Doughnuts to Boozy Milkshakes: Jill Severson's Guide to Seattle Sweets

Erin Jackson Post a comment

Chinese doughnuts, chocolates, and rye-spiked shakes: Jill Severson of Mistral Kitchen sure has a handle on Seattle's sugar scene. Want to find out about all of her favorite treats? Her top picks are right this way. More

Sugar Rush: Green Tea Ice Cream Sandwich at Miyabi 45th, Seattle

Jay Friedman 2 comments

A soba restaurant isn't a place you'd ordinarily consider special for sweets, but you shouldn't consider Miyabi 45th an ordinary restaurant, where buckwheat plays a major role in a refreshing dessert. More

What To Try at the Newly Reopened Fuji Bakery, Seattle

Jay Friedman Post a comment

Fuji is an East-meets West-endeavor, combining ingredients and techniques from Japan and France to create wonders like the Yuzu Bacon Epi. Many people visit Fuji for its savory breads and pastries, but I found five sweets worth trying, including a plain croissant, two other pastries utilizing croissant dough (one with green tea), a Japanese sweet roll filled with red bean paste, and a Milanese sweet bread loaf. More

Sugar Rush: Sweet Dutch Baby at Tilikum Place Café, Seattle

Jay Friedman 1 comment

If a pancake and popover could mate, the result would surely be a Dutch Baby. At Tilikum Place Café (named after the Chinook word for welcome) in the shadow of Seattle's Space Needle, the Dutch baby is a staple on both the weekday lunch and weekend brunch menus. More

Sugar Rush: Berry Awesome Pie at Pie, Seattle

Erin Jackson 4 comments

In Seattle, Pie stocks an impressive collection of sweet and savory pies, including this all berry, all the time option. More

3 Things to Try if You Make it to the Front of the Line at Coyle's Bakeshop, Seattle

Jay Friedman 7 comments

Rachael Coyle's pop-up Coyle's Bakeshop offers a carefully curated selection of pastries, cakes, and other sweet treats. The catch? It's only open once a month between 9 am and 12:30 pm. Here's what to order if you make it in. More

Ask the Pastry Chef: What to Eat at dahlia bakery in Seattle

Erin Jackson 1 comment

Stacy Fortner, Executive Pastry Chef at the Tom Douglas empire of restaurants in Seattle, points us toward her top 5 items to try at dahlia bakery. More

First Look: Cederberg Tea House Sells South African Sweets in Seattle

Jay Friedman Post a comment

After ten years of teaching middle school students, Natasha Robson-Lovato never expected to open a tea house. But wanting to bring the flavor and culture of her native South Africa to Seattle, this self-taught baker continues to be an educator of sorts in introducing Cederberg Tea House customers to Koeksisters, Melkterts, Hertzogs, and other treats. More

Sugar Rush: Lemon Tart Slice at Macrina Bakery, Seattle

Erin Jackson 3 comments

The signature tart at Macrina Bakery in Seattle is a take on lemon chess pie—but it's at least twice as deep. More

At Special Occasion Spot Canlis in Seattle, Don't Forget Dessert

Jay Friedman 1 comment

Canlis consistently gets all kinds of accolades. This year, in fact, chef Jason Franey was a Beard nominee for Best Chef: Northwest. But here's a lesser-known fact: Canlis' Baruch Ellsworth was just a nominee for Food & Wine magazine's Best Pastry Chef award. So desserts here are as fantastic as the rest of the food. Here are three especially worth a try. More

Sugar Rush: Jasmine Buttermilk Tart at Revel, Seattle

Jay Friedman 1 comment

Revel's dessert menu changes monthly, and as the city survived its usual April showers, it makes sense that May's theme is Flowers. The new menu includes Chocolate Malt Cake with blackberries and orange blossom crème anglaise, as well as Rose Panna Cotta with pistachio macaron and pink peppercorn honey. But thinking strawberries and cream for spring, I choose the Jasmine Buttermilk Tart with Strawberries and Chantilly ($7). More

Laura Pyles' Guide to Seattle Sweets

Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

Laura Pyles, this year's winner of Food and Wine's Best Pastry Chef- West Coast, is known for her themed dessert menus at Seattle's asian fusion restaurant Revel. Where does the creator of the Moon Pie Parfait and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie with a potato chip crust go when she's not baking her own sweets? We found out. More

Seasonal Desserts Are The Thing At The Coterie Room, Seattle

Jay Friedman 3 comments

The desserts at The Coterie Room are seasonal and certainly special in their own right. The carefully spooned-shaped ovals of ice cream effectively elevate these desserts, adding complementary flavors and geometric interest, and making it clear that chefs McCracken and Tough are the kings of quenelles. More

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