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Sugar Rush: Animal Truffles at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe, Portland

One lesson I quickly learned during my three day trip to Portland is that it pays to make note of a few places where you can duck out of the drizzle. When you've already had your fill of coffee and it's too early for a beer, Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe is a worthy spot for a pick-me-up. A good choice is one of their adorable animal truffles, which are filled with a dense, fudgy ganache and enrobed with a thick layer of chocolate. More

Portland, Oregon: Moody's Donuts

You walk up to place your order at Moody's Donuts and—genius!—you see what's been whining away. On the back counter, one leg balanced on paperback book, a small automatic donut fryer is churning out sweet, hot rounds of deliciousness. Its funnel-like reservoir drops batter (a rice- and wheat-flour blend) into a narrow channel of oil, and, like clockwork, little flippers rise from the oil, turning the cake donuts and sending them on their way. More

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