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Sugar Rush: Raspberry Brownie from Pearl Bakery, Portland OR

Erin Jackson Post a comment

Sticky raspberry preserves are the crowning touch to a brownie that's both fudgy and cakey at Pearl Bakery. More

Sugar Rush: Animal Truffles at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe, Portland

Erin Jackson 1 comment

One lesson I quickly learned during my three day trip to Portland is that it pays to make note of a few places where you can duck out of the drizzle. When you've already had your fill of coffee and it's too early for a beer, Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe is a worthy spot for a pick-me-up. A good choice is one of their adorable animal truffles, which are filled with a dense, fudgy ganache and enrobed with a thick layer of chocolate. More

Sugar Rush: The Rose City at The Waffle Window, Portland OR

Erin Jackson 2 comments

At The Waffle Window, Liege-style waffles come topped with fruit, drizzled with chocolate, or served in sundae form (among other options). While it's in season, the strawberry-topped Rose City is a good choice. More

Pro-Tip: Try the Off-Menu Ice Cream Flights at Ruby Jewel, Portland OR

Erin Jackson 3 comments

The ice cream cookie sandwiches at Ruby Jewel are a perfectly fine treat, but if you really want to party, there's only one sensible thing to do: go for the off-menu ice cream flight. More

Ask the Pastry Chef: What to Eat at St. Jack, Portland, OR

Aaron Wakamatsu 3 comments

Looking for traditional French pastries in Portland, Oregon? The patisserie at St. Jack, helmed by acclaimed pastry chef Alissa Rozos, is your answer. More

Making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at What's the Scoop in Portland, OR

Maggie Hoffman 7 comments

When we stopped by What's the Scoop on Portland's North Williams street, we didn't know that we were in for a show. But we lucked out, and owners Jodie and Brian Ostrovsky were about to mix up a batch of their Mocha Chip. More

Sugar Rush: Blowtorched Creme Brulee Beignets at Donut-o-Rama in Portland, OR

Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

It's a bit daring to open a doughnut cart mere steps from Portland's touristy hotspot Voodoo Doughnuts, but Greg Slauson had a vision. And we're not certain we've seen so much blowtorching in a food cart anywhere. More

Portland, Oregon: Moody's Donuts

Adam Kuban 2 comments

You walk up to place your order at Moody's Donuts and—genius!—you see what's been whining away. On the back counter, one leg balanced on paperback book, a small automatic donut fryer is churning out sweet, hot rounds of deliciousness. Its funnel-like reservoir drops batter (a rice- and wheat-flour blend) into a narrow channel of oil, and, like clockwork, little flippers rise from the oil, turning the cake donuts and sending them on their way. More

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