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Taste Test: Boxed Fudge Brownie Mix

Whether you were a kid bringing in a sweet for a bakesale, or a college kid making a late-night study break, we've probably all had brownies made from a boxed mix. They're easy to make, most requiring just vegetable oil, eggs, and water, and typically take less than 30 minutes to bake. So when the moment comes that you too want a dump-and-bake treat to satisfy your chocolate craving, to which mix should you turn? More

Mixed Review: New Pillsbury Funfetti Cookie Pop Kit

I used to baby sit. A lot. While most moms were more than happy to let me destroy their kitchen in the name of homemade, organic baked goods, some didn't have the requisite supplies (not even flour) and they didn't really want me to have to go out and buy them. To compensate, they'd give me a box or two of cake/cookie/muffin mix and a sixer of eggs. More

Mixed Review: Pillsbury Brownie Minis

Given my love for Whole Foods two-bite brownies, I was eager to try out Pillsbury's new Brownie Minis mix flavors: raspberry and caramel. If there is any way to improve upon warm, chocolaty perfection, it's by infusing it with gooey jam or sticky, salty caramel. They tasted like a great version of a brownie made with cocoa powder—not quite as sumptuous as one made from chocolate, but certainly nothing to complain about. More

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