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Irish Potatoes: The Sweetest Candy You've Never Heard Of*

Dayna Evans 9 comments

*unless you're from Philly More

Exciting Flavors at the Undrgrnd Donuts Food Truck in Philadelphia

Emily Teel Post a comment

Undrgrnd Donuts is a doughnut food truck that has joined the rotation of Philly's other great options for truck dining at spots like 33rd and Arch, The Navy Yard, and The Porch at 30th Street Station. Their doughnuts (which at $2.00 each are about the most budget friendly thing you can get from a boutique food truck these days) are of the cake variety, and the flavor options are exciting ones. More

Sugar Rush: Bacon Cookies at Cookie Confidential, Philadelphia

Emily Teel Post a comment

Sweet, salty, buttery, and meaty, Melissa Torre's bacon cookies have a big following for a reason. More

First Look: The New Artisan Boulanger Patissier, Philadelphia

Emily Teel 1 comment

The original Aristan Boulanger Patissier was hardly a neighborhood secret—the bakery has been featured in the media countless times, and in 2013 Chin was nominated for a James Beard Award in the category of "Outstanding Pastry Chef." But after having to relocate, it took over a year for the bakery to reopen its doors. We took a look at the new space, including new sweets from tarts to charlottes to a wide variety of croissants. More

First Look: Ice Cream Take-Out at Morimoto, Philadelphia

Emily Teel Post a comment

For many, a meal at Morimoto is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, something to be saved up for and savored, but seven years into his tenure as Morimoto's head pastry chef, Thomas McCarthy is bridging the divide between the elegant and the everyday by offering his handmade, small batch ice creams by the pint for take out. More

7 Butter Cakes We Love in Philadelphia

cakespy 8 comments

Philadelphia: it's not just for cheesesteaks, pretzels, and Tastykake. Butter cake isn't always the easiest food to find: it tends to proliferate in German bakeries, mostly in the Northeastern reaches of the city, the likes of which don't generally have websites or Twitter feeds. But it's worth seeking out, and here are seven spots that I think are worth a trip. More

Philadelphia, PA: Federal Donuts teams up with Art in the Age for Boozy Doughnuts

Caroline Russock 3 comments

Our favorite Philadelphia fried chicken and doughnuts emporium, Federal Donuts is teaming up with Art in the Age, a local craft spirits distillery, for a limited run of wonderfully boozy doughnuts. More

Philadelphia: Incredible Scones (and Other Goodies) at Under the Oak Café

Liz Bomze Post a comment

When I break off a piece of Under the Oak Café's raspberry cream scone and slather it with the accompanying satiny lemon curd and crème fraîche, I sometimes contemplate moving back to my hometown of Philadelphia. More

The Mystery of the Philly Fluff Cake

Liz Gutman 6 comments

Where exactly in Philly did this cake come from? Who named it Philly Fluff? And why wasn't it the least bit fluffy in texture? More

Great Stocking Stuffers: Antoine Amrani's Chocolates

Melody Kramer 1 comment

I don't celebrate Christmas so I turned to my best friend Will to find out what his parents put in his stocking when he was little. "Socks." he said. "Socks and something really sweet, usually." I'm not about to buy... More

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