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Sugar Rush: Black-Sesame Panna Cotta at Nanashi, Paris

Liz Clayton 2 comments

The terrain of flans, panna cottas, and otherwise jiggly desserts can be tricky and divisive: but when these desserts are perfect, they are breathtaking. Picture, then, the sneak-attack of an incredibly unappealing colored treat in the cooler at Paris hipster-bento shop Nanashi. Specifically a plastic tub of something inarguably grey and speckled topped rather confusingly with items that looked sweet: blackberries, blueberries, and a dollop of whipped creme. More

5 Summer Fruit Desserts We Love in Paris

Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

Apricots tucked into golden tarts, rhubarb rolled into a flaky escargot, sweet cherry clafoutis. Yes, fruit desserts abound in Paris, and here are 5 that we love. More

5 Places We Love To Get Ice Cream In Paris

Kathy YL Chan 7 comments

Visiting Paris in the summer? We know just where to go to beat the heat. More

Snapshots from Paris: Ice Cream at Berthillon

Gabrielle Mondesir 22 comments

There's a reason that Berthillon is the most famous glacier (ice cream maker) in Paris. And that reason is their wild strawberry sorbet. No, wait: it's their caramel au gingembre ice cream (it tastes like a ginger snap). Or the agenaise. Definitely the agenaise... More

10 Pains Au Chocolat We Love In Paris

Gabrielle Mondesir 4 comments

Pain au chocolat—literally "chocolate bread." What an understatement. Buttery croissant dough wrapped around not one, but two sticks of chocolate. An indulgence like this could only come from France. For three days, my intrepid photographer and I scoured the city for pain au chocolat that stand out from the Parisian crowd. In the end, we found 10 that can't be missed. More

David Lebovitz's Guide to Paris Sweets

Carrie Vasios Mullins 3 comments

Since 2004, David Lebovitz has used his blog to chronicle the ups, downs, and culinary delights of living in Paris. And we couldn't help but notice that, as a former pastry chef, David tends to focus on all things sweet. In fact he's become the go-to man for Paris pastry, which is a blessing in a city that overflows with sweets. Yes, somehow between blogging, writing cookbooks, and a personal memoir, he found time to sample over 300 pastries in the City of Light. Here are 9 of his top picks. More

Holiday Giveaway: David Lebovitz's Paris Pastry App

Maggie Hoffman 68 comments

If you're a Serious Eater and you've planned to go to Paris anytime soon, you simply should not get on a plane until you've downloaded David Lebovitz's guide to the best bakeries, chocolate shops, and confectioners in the City of Lights. More

Book Giveaway: Pastry Paris, Because Everything in Paris Looks Like Dessert

Christine Chung Closed

Pastry Paris is equal parts incredible food picture book and historical narrative. It's a chronicle of French pastries, telling the story of pastries past and present. Author Susan Hochbaum shows that in France, pastries aren't just exclusive to the cute patisseries lining cobbled streets; they're literally everywhere, echoed in the city's very architecture. More

10 Must-Try Sweets in Paris

Kathy YL Chan 27 comments

Paris is heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth, but you already knew that. We spent the last few weeks eating our way through the city, exploring new shops and revisiting old favorites. From the big names like Pierre Hermé and Ladurée to the smaller spots like Au Panetier, the classics like Stohrer and Poilâne, and the gorgeous, jewelry boutique-like shops of Jacques Genin and Sadaharu Aoki, we found many, many desserts to love. Here are ten essential Paris sweets for your next visit. More

Cakespy's Guide to the 13 Best Sweets in Paris

cakespy 30 comments

Earlier this week Cakespy reported on her favorite savory meals in Paris, but let's be honest—she was there for the sweets. After visiting 35 bakeries in seven days in Paris, she rounds up a dozen—no wait, a baker's dozen—of her favorites, from macarons to eclairs to tartelette aux fraises, and more. More

Paris Chocolate Bike Tour Could Have Used a David Lebovitz-Inspired Detour

Ed Levine 2 comments

New York Times How does a serious eater justify a tour of Paris chocolatiers? In the New York Times, Amy Thomas pedals from shop to shop. There's no way she could have burned off all those chocolates, but it's... More

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