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Open Thread: What Oreo Flavor Do You Wish Existed?

Jamie Feldmar 58 comments

Maple? Coffee cream? Black sesame? ...Ribs? More

Bake the Book: TKO Cookies

Emma Kobolakis 5 comments

TKOs are Sebastien Rouxel's design on the classic chocolate sandwich cookie. Both the size and quality are on a grander scale; they measure three inches in fluted diameter, and are elegantly filled, drop by drop, with a piping bag. You can follow all these delicate steps yourself, or take a couple shortcuts: the results will be impressive either way. More

We Try Five More Oreos from Asia

Max Falkowitz 6 comments

The last time we tried Oreos from Asia, including these Mildly Sweet ones I picked up in Singapore, we were...less than impressed. In the spirit of further inquiry, hope for the spirit of Asian snack food, and because we kind of have a thing for cookie-fueled masochism at Serious Eats, we scored five more Asian Oreos to try. Happen to live in China or Indonesia? Here's our take on some of the Oreos you can find there. More

We Try The New Candy Corn Oreo As It Attempts To Merge The Candy-Cookie Divide

Supermarket Sweets Max Falkowitz 22 comments

Candy corn fans and candy curious, here's the evaluation of the new Candy Corn Oreos that you've been waiting for. More

What's the Deal with 'Mildly Sweet' Oreos?

Max Falkowitz 16 comments

When the original Oreo cookie formula wasn't catching on in Asia, the company modified the recipe and produced a "Mildly Sweet" version. Does it live up to our Oreo standards or fall the way of Berry Burst Ice Cream? More

Chocoholic: Chocolate Oreo Cake

Yvonne Ruperti 14 comments

Heaps of Oreo cookie whipped cream form the filling and frosting of this super kid-friendly cake. More

Squishing S'mOreos Forever

Robyn Lee 19 comments

When you saw the S'mOreos in our roundup of 14 Things To Make with Oreos, did you think, "Man, if only I could watch an animated gif of a S'mOreos being squished down over and over again for eternity..."? Well, so did we. So did we. More

14 Things To Make with Oreos

Carey Jones 14 comments

As you've probably gathered by now, we're all about Oreo-eating. But these days, the Oreo isn't just a cookie—it's a flavor, an ingredient. You'll find Oreo ice cream, Oreo milkshakes... and, as you're probably not surprised to hear, we went way beyond that. Come meet S'mOreos, Chips AhOreos, and many more of our friends. More

Scooped: Mint Oreo Ice Cream

Scooped Max Falkowitz Post a comment

Sure, you've seen mint and chocolate combined before. But the meeting of slightly bitter cocoa cookie and leafy, grassy cream steeped with a generous bundle of real mint leaves is pretty special. More

Pie of the Week: Cookies n' Cream Pie

Lauren Weisenthal Post a comment

It's not often that I go semi-homemade, but when I do, odds are good that Oreos and vanilla ice cream will be involved. Given the popularity of cookies n' cream, I'm sure I'm not alone. It's become such a ubiquitous combination that people request it by name, right up there with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. When it's a cookies n' cream lover's birthday, what do you do to celebrate? You make them a pie of ice cream and Oreos of course! More

In Which We Make A Centuple-Stuf Oreo

Carey Jones 19 comments

As a kid, I preferred Double Stufs to single stufs. I preferred "Quadruple Stufs" to Double Stufs—twisting two doubles in half, discarding the bare cookies, and smushing the creme-bound ones together. But I really wanted more than that, and, well... hasn't everyone wanted to make a Centuple Stuf Oreo? We decided to see if it was possible. More

Staff Picks: How Do You Eat Your Oreos?

The Serious Eats Team 40 comments

We've been eating enough Oreos in the past few weeks to notice that everyone on staff eats them differently. Some people can't eat Oreos unless there's milk in the office. Some people maximize the creme-to-cookie ratio, others the cookie-to-creme. And a few really, really weird things went down with dunking and mushing and spooning. Check out how we eat our Oreos! More

We Try 25 Kinds of Oreo

Supermarket Sweets Carey Jones 47 comments

Once upon a time, in my lunchbox and in the lunchboxes of the other kids at my lunch table, there was just one kind of Oreo. You know. An Oreo. The lucky kids had Double Stuf. But that was about it. Now, there are dozens of variations of the classic cookie. So we, of course, had to try them all out. More

Introducing Oreo Week

Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

The days of the simple Oreo are long gone. There are now over 25 kinds of cookie, which makes preferences exponentially more variable. People put them in sundaes and use them as pie crusts. Yes, it's a mad Oreo world out there, and we're taking a week to investigate. So dunkers, twisters, and everyone in between: we welcome you to Serious Eats: Oreo Week. More

Happy 100th: Birthday Cake Oreos

Supermarket Sweets Carey Jones 8 comments

Mass-market food brands like to find occasions to celebrate themselves (is there a National Sandwich Cookie Day? We bet there is). But we'll let Oreo celebrate their 100th birthday on March 6 without an eye roll. After all, how many supermarket sweets have been around for a century? In honor of the centennial, their "cake" comes in a pretty predictable form: Birthday Cake Oreos. They're on shelves now for a limited time. More

Peanut Butter Oreo Fudge Cremes

Supermarket Sweets Carey Jones 6 comments

Much as classic cereals keep spinning off new variations, Oreo isn't content with its classic sandwich cookies; there's always something new on the supermarket shelves. The latest we've tried? Peanut Butter Oreo Fudge Cremes. More

Scooped: Coffee 'N Cookies 'N Cream Ice Cream

Scooped Max Falkowitz 4 comments

This isn't to say I don't enjoy innovation with my Oreos; I just prefer to do the innovating myself. After spending a recent afternoon dipping Oreos into a mug of milky coffee, and going through yet another caffeine and sugar high rant about how coffee and chocolate combined ARE THE BEST THING EVER, I decided to try the mix as ice cream. Well, first I took a nap. Then ice cream. Long story short: it's a keeper. More

Photo of the Day: Oreo Crumb Case

Christine Chung 2 comments

Milk and Oreos are meant to be together, and for many, the best part is drinking the delicious Oreo-infused milk after you're done dunking. Through the brilliance of students at Miami Ad School, getting a taste of that ambrosia could be easier than ever. Their Oreo Crumb Case—an idea, mind you, not an actual product—would act as a tea bag for Oreo crumbs. Let no crumb get left behind! More

Do You Like Fried Oreos?

Carey Jones 20 comments

At Serious Eats, we're certainly not above our lowbrow pleasures, whether McDonald's fries or Rice Krispies Treats cereal or pies made with Saltines and condensed milk. So I'm hoping this is a safe place to confess that I'm a fan of fried Oreos. More

BraveTart: In the Hall of the Dairy Queen

BraveTart Bravetart 10 comments

Our Fauxreo-fueled time machine skids to a halt on the sweltering black top of a Dairy Queen parking lot, smack dab in the middle of summer of 1985. With the Blizzard, Dairy Queen put the art in artificial. More

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