'One Girl Cookies' on Serious Eats

Bake the Book: Orange Butter Drops

Seasonality doesn't always come into play when deciding what sort of cookies to bake, but, on occasion, the weather can dictate the selection of a particular recipe. For example, there's something about spicy gingersnaps that goes very well with cold weather, just as these Orange Butter Drops feel decidedly springy with their tangy notes of orange and their sweet toppings of shaved coconut, which make them look like Easter hats. More

Bake the Book: Decadent Chocolate Coins

Well, these cookies are pretty darned decadent. Not in an over the top, big giant ice cream sundae way, but in a way that has everything to do with deep chocolaty flavor and crisp, elegant texture. The cookies are enlivened with a bit of orange zest which brings out the fruity aspects of the chocolate in a way that's really kind of beautiful. More

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