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Behind the Scenes: Making Edible Blown Glass at Aureole, NYC

Laura Togut 7 comments

At Michelin-starred restaurant Aureole in New York, they use a technique very similar to glass-blowing to make one of the most whimsical garnishes I've seen come out of a pastry department. We went behind the scenes to see how they're made. More

Amanda Cook Doubles Down with Food Science and the Culinary Arts

Jacqueline Raposo 4 comments

Pastry Chef Amanda Cook has degrees in both the culinary arts and food science, and she brings them together in inventive and heart-warming ways on her dessert menu at New York's Cookshop. More

Behind the Scenes: A Study in Chocolate with Maison Kayser

Eunice Choi Post a comment

Made with a chocolate crust, filled with a chocolate cream, topped with a chocolate glaze, and finished with a chocolate disc and a truffle, Maison Kayser's Chocolate Tart is truly a study in chocolate. We went behind the scenes to see how it's made. More

Williamsburg's Patisserie Tomoko Offers a Lovely Three-Course Dessert Prix Fixe

Lauren Rothman Post a comment

In a sweets-only kitchen, producing course after course of desserts that keep the diner eating and don't dull her palate with sugar is challenging, but Patisserie Tomoko in Williamsburg gets it right. More

Bethany Costello's Untraditional Methods at M. Wells Steakhouse

Jacqueline Raposo 7 comments

At M. Wells Steakhouse in Long Island City, New York, pastry chef Bethany Costello blasts music and rolls her desserts out in an old-school cart. But her gusty, non-conformist style with pastry is the real deal. More

Where to Buy the Best Macaroons in New York City

Ruthie Young and Aly Miller 8 comments

Macaroons in New York City are arguably as celebrated and as critiqued as the classic dollar pizza slice. They come in all shapes and sizes; some made with coconut, some with nuts, some formed into sandwiches with cream fillings. As Passover approached, we set out to find New York's best coconut macaroons. Here are our results. More

Pastry Chef Ashley Brauze on Balancing Tradition and Modernity at Cafe Boulud

Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Pastry Chef Ashley Brauze worked at El Bulli, Per Se, and underneath Dominique Ansel at Daniel before taking the reigns at DB Bistro and then Cafe Boulud, where she now composes stunning plates that embody the many lessons she's learned from pastry's masters. More

NYC's Fancy Toasts That are Worth Their Price Tag

Devra Ferst 9 comments

In New York, savory toasts—particularly of the avocado variety—and sweet toasts at Asian bakeries like Tous Les Jours, are nothing new. But the trend has moved outward, and here are the versions which are worth their price. More

Market Tour: Sockerbit is New York's Sweetest Smörgåsbord

Ben Jay 14 comments

Sockerbit is home to a dizzying array of Scandinavian sweets and possibly New York's best selection of licorice. Most of the candy sold is smågodis, or "small candy," including licorice, marshmallows, chocolates, hard candies, available in countless combinations of sweet, sour, and salty. More

Behind the Scenes: Making (and Setting Fire to) DBGB's Baked Alaska

Laura Togut 5 comments

[Photographs: Laura Togut] In my humble opinion, ice cream is basically proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy. So what could be better? I dunno... OH WAIT. ICE CREAM THAT YOU LIGHT ON FIRE. Enter the... More

First Look: A Palatial Ladurée Tea Salon Opens in Soho

Lauren Rothman 6 comments

Even with all of the over-the-top accoutrements that make dining at Ladurée's new tea salon so incredibly luxurious, it's hard to look past the pastries, which are visual stunners themselves. More

The Dutch's Chef Kierin Baldwin on Pie, Nostalgia, and Eating vs Dining

Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Pastry Chef Kierin Baldwin makes some insane pies at New York's The Dutch, like Poached Pear with Red Wine and Rosemary and Chocolate-Crust Coffee-Cream. But in no ways are pie the end-all of her talents. More

Market Tour: Slodycze Wedel is Greenpoint's Go-To for Polish Candy

Ben Jay 5 comments

Poland is home to a remarkably vibrant and under appreciated candy culture, and brands like E. Wedel and Wawel are a key part of Poland's national identity. Słodycze Wedel in Greenpoint, home to one of New York's largest Polish communities, is the candy store the neighborhood deserves. Since opening about 15 years ago, Słodycze Wedel has become not just a necessary Polish candy shop, but one of Brooklyn's best candy shops period, More

The Changing Shapes of Francisco Migoya of Hudson Chocolates

Niko Triantafillou 8 comments

He's been called the most influential US pastry chef working today. The former Executive Pastry Chef of The French Laundry and current professor at the CIA has now opened a unique chocolate shop called Hudson Chocolates More

Cecilia Tessieri on Passion, Mastering Chocolate, and Her First Shop in NYC

Brooke Porter Katz Post a comment

Master chocolatier Cecilia Tessieri on her new shop in New York, why being a woman affects her work, and more. More

Gluten-Free Cupcakes We Love in NYC

Brooke Porter Katz 7 comments

Looking for gluten-free cupcakes in New York? Here are six of our favorites. More

Behind the Scenes V-Day Edition: Making Rose Chocolates with Roni-Sue

Laura Togut Post a comment

Roni-Sue's Chocolates should already be on your radar for Valentine's Day indulgences. But in case you wanted to know more, we went to their Lower East Side chocolate shoppe to see how their special rose-flavored truffles are born. More

Behind the Scenes in Momofuku Milk Bar's Kitchen: Making Strawberry-Lemon Layer Cake

Jamie Feldmar 12 comments

We pay a visit to Milk Bar's kitchen in Brooklyn to learn how to make layer cakes with Christina Tosi. (And eat several pounds of cake scraps along the way.) More

Jacques Torres' Top Picks for Valentine's Day Sweets in NYC

Erin Jackson 2 comments

Looking for a sweet indulgence to celebrate Valentine's Day in NYC? Let Jacques Torres (a.k.a. "Mr. Chocolate") steer you in the direction of some top-notch treats perfect for marking the occasion. More

Where To Get Chocolates For Your Valentine (...or Yourself) in NYC

Max Falkowitz 27 comments

New Yorkers: don't leave yourself in a drug store chocolate bind this Valentine's Day. Hit up these spots instead. More

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