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Bronwen Wyatt's Guide to New Orleans Sweets

When she's not being honored for desserts like the grilled vanilla bean panna cotta with satsuma sorbet and pistachio brittle at La Petite Grocery, pastry chef Bronwen Wyatt is checking out the sweets in the rest of New Orleans. From pecan pie griddled on a flattop to modern sno balls, check out all her favorites. More

Snapshots from the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival

The love that Ponchatoula, LA, has for strawberries can only be compared to the kind of adoration usually reserved for sports stars and pop icons: elaborate fountains spout pink water in front of the local history museum, the street signs are all emblazoned with a strawberry motif, and Louisiana has official given the designation of "Strawberry Capitol of the World" to this sleepy hamlet. So you can imagine that the annual strawberry festival is not to be missed. More

Hansen's Sno-Bliz in New Orleans

Shaved ice in Louisiana is a simple affair of ice and flavored syrup, yet not just any shaved ice joint can produce a cone as fine as Hansen's on Tchoupitoulas Street in New Orleans. Hansen's stainless steel ice-shaving machine is the key to its success. This beast yields shavings of ice as light as snowflakes, finer than any I have tasted before. More

Strawberry-Basil and Pineapple-Cilantro Popsicles in New Orleans

New Orleans has always had great ways to make the best out of its sweltering days. A sno-ball from Hansen's Sno-Bliz is definitely one of my favorites, a strawberry daiquiri from any number of drive-thru outlets falling shortly behind, and an ice-cold Abita root beer will always do the trick. But recently I discovered some refreshing homemade popsicles from Meltdown Popsicles, located in the French Quarter. More

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