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The Bread & Chocolate Loaf at Berkshire Mountain Bakery in Housatonic, MA, Might be the Best Bite I'll Eat All Year

Jay Friedman 3 comments

All of the ciabatta breads at Berkshire Mountain Bakery are fantastic in their own right, but for a chocolate lover like me, the Bread & Chocolate loaf is irresistible. It's addictive, filling, and a deliciously messy treat to eat. More

9 of New England's Best Apple Cider Doughnuts

Liz Bomze 26 comments

Cider doughnuts are the reward you (tell yourself you) earn after a long hour or so of apple picking. But as we pleasantly discovered in our quest for the best--or, at least the best within a reasonable drive from Boston--the tradition isn't limited to apple orchards.. More

The Best Ice Cream in Boston

Meredith Smith 16 comments

Inside Cambridge and Boston proper, a handful of ice cream makers have been trading the title of Boston's Best for years. They're all good, but what makes them unique? We compared flavors from five of Boston's best ice cream makers, rating the scoops using three separate metrics: creaminess, apparent airiness, and intensity of flavor. To try and make things objective, we tested the standard-issue chocolate and vanilla flavors from all five places, also allowing ourselves a wild-card specialty of the house. More

5 Great Sticky Buns and Morning Buns in New England

Liz Bomze 12 comments

New England may be doughnut country—and rest assured we'll get to the region's best specimens at a later date—but there are plenty of baked (not fried), equally delicious reasons to get up in the morning, too. Behold, our local tribute to those twisty, knobby, sometimes-sticky, cinnamon-sugar-swirled breakfast beauties known as sticky buns and morning buns. More

Boston: Doughnut Fans in the Hub Run on Betty Ann Food Shop

Liz Bomze 4 comments

Anyone who's driven more than a mile in the state of Massachusetts knows that this is doughnut country. But on a remote corner in East Boston stands a doughnut bakery that predates Dunkin' Donuts by almost two decades—and still makes a far superior product. More

Boston: Three Bakeries in Jamaica Plain

Meredith Smith 9 comments

Jamaica Plain in Boston has three real bakeries: Fiore's Italian Bakery, Blue Frog, and Canto 6. Each one has a strong local following, but which is the best? Many baguettes and croissants later, we have some conclusions. More

Boston: For the Ultimate Sticky Bun, Head to Flour Bakery and Cafe

Liz Bomze 10 comments

I've never actually mailed a sticky bun to anyone before, but with this one I came close. Let's just say that sticky buns are pretty much the holy grail of breakfast pastries in my family, and my Monty Python-esque quest to find the ultimate version came to a glorious end at Joanne Chang's Flour Bakery and Café. More

Toscanini’s in Boston, Really the Best Ice Cream In the World?

Carey Jones 8 comments

“The Best Ice Cream In the World,” blazes the print across Toscanini’s window, from a past New York Times review. We all make grandiose claims, but this one is pretty strong. All right. Skepticism shelved. Gus Rancatore opened Toscanini’s... More

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