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I Can't Stop Eating 'Chocolate Salami,' or 'Salame de Chocolat'

How do you look at a friendly log of chocolate and not pick it up? I bought this "chocolate salami" on a whim, but now I can't stop eating it. It's a confection common in both Portugal and Italy (I bought this guy in Lisbon on the way back from Italy, actually). The "salame" gimmick is obvious, but I think it's quite cute: a long, dark cylinder is flecked with lighter bits, cookie crumbles that mimic the fat of salami. More

A Guide to Italian Candy

Italy's known for its food, of course—pizza, pasta, prosciutto; ciabatta, cannoli, cappellini; you get the idea. But what about candy? No matter what country we end up in, we can't resist browsing the candy aisle at the local grocery stores. So I hit up a Milan supermarket and, besides the expected Kinder Bueno, came away with pocket coffee, instant gelato, a Nutella-breadstick-tea hybrid, and an awful lot more. More

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