'Halloween Recipes' on Serious Eats

Ginger Caramel Apple Galette

As October exhausts itself, apples in all their glorious shades and colors pile high in outdoor market bins and are turned into warm cider and doughnuts. Some of my favorite costumes for apples are sugary coatings like scarlet candy shells, and particularly, sticky caramel blankets. With that in mind, melted caramels lurk in a mound of tart Granny Smith apples bubbling in butter, brown sugar, and vibrant lemon. More

Dulces: Pan de Muerto

Food is a central part of Día de los muertos. Pan de muerto is a sweet, soft bread, coated with sugar and made fragrant with the beautiful aroma of orange blossom water. Even if you won't be rapping your knuckles on stranger's doors on behalf of your calaverita, this is a festive and curious bread that's worth trying. More

Scooped: Pumpkin Brownie Chunk Ice Cream

As we get older, Halloween should get more fun, not less. Parties. Pumpkin beer. The realization that you can buy as much of your favorite candy as you want without any social stigma. Halloween becomes the holiday that embraces our younger selves as well as our mischievous adult natures. I'm not the biggest pumpkin fan, but on Halloween I go nuts. More

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