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Ice Cream We Love: Fifty Licks in Portland

Devra Ferst 7 comments

When we hear the word manifesto we usually think of history class, not ice cream. But Chad Drazin, the creator of Portland's Fifty Licks ice cream, swears by his two part manifesto —"purity of flavor" and "texture above everything else"—and we're grateful for it. More

The Affogato Cubano at Fifty Licks in Portland is Creamy, Caffeinated Bliss

Lindsay Strannigan 3 comments

A standard affogato is a clever pairing of two of life's most glorious treasures: espresso and ice cream. Fifty Licks' version of the affogato takes it up a notch by combining their Toasted Milk Ice Cream with freshly a brewed cup of Cafe Cubano. More

6 Ice Cream Scoops We Love in Portland, OR

Aaron Wakamatsu 11 comments

From a fiery chocolate ice cream at Cool Moon Ice Cream to a bourbon toffee treat at What's the Scoop?, check out these 6 innovative scoops we love in Portland. More

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