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First Look: Pastries at The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, New York

Carrie Vasios Mullins 7 comments

When Big Gay Ice Cream owners Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff decided they'd like to expand their West Village shop's offerings to include pastries, they knew who to turn to: La Newyorkina, and their friend, Fany Gerson. The result? A unique menu including guava and cream cheese empanadas, a dulce de leche and almond doughnut, and more. More

Fany Gerson's Spiked and Spiced Grapefruit Paletas

Fany Gerson Post a comment

This grapefruit-tequila paleta is particularly refreshing. If you want an extra kick, blend a bit of the chiles with the grapefruit base, or infuse the simple syrup with more chiles. Just like a margarita, these paletas have a seasoning on the top; I love both options and couldn't decide between them, so I'll leave the topping up to you. More

Fany Gerson's Corn Paletas

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One of the best things about working in markets is the wonderful people you meet. There's a particularly cute couple that are regulars at the Hester Street Fair and they love these paletas; they would buy several at a time last year to take home so they could enjoy for the week. I just bought some wonderful bicolor corn from the farmers market to make some and wanted to dedicated this recipe to them! More

Fany Gerson's Avocado Paletas

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Avocado in an ice pop? You bet. People always seem to wonder about this one, but let me tell you—one bite and it will win you over. The paleta is slightly sweetened and gets its creaminess from the natural avocado oils rather than any dairy. It's wonderful on its own but for another layer of indulgence, dip it in some melted bittersweet chocolate. More

Fany Gerson's White Sangria Paletas

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Boozy pops (or paletas borrachitas, as I like to call them) are some of my favorite ones to make—especially ones that have lots of chunks in them. You can't put much alcohol in them, because they won't freeze; but you can still taste the wine or liquor, and that makes a very tasty paleta. More

Fany Gerson's Roasted Apricot-Vanilla Paletas

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I love stone fruit so much—especially apricots because they have a bit of tartness to them. I also love a little textural contrast in my sweets, and as I was making these I started thinking of those delicious Arab candies that are made with dried apricots and pistachios, so I thought—hey, maybe I should use that awesome combination. And it worked! More

Introducing Fany Gerson Week

The Serious Eats Team 1 comment

We knew that, at some point this summer, we'd want a whole week of popsicle recipes. And for that week, we knew there was no one better than Fany Gerson. More

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