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Jessica Entzel's Guide to Napa Valley Sweets

Jessica Entzel, pastry chef at Morimoto Napa (and nominee for Food & Wine magazine's "The People's Best New Pastry Chef"), fills us in on her favorite sweets and desserts in the Napa Valley, with a list of treats that run the gamut from a bucket of freshly baked doughnuts to a classic root beer float. More

First Look: Winter Desserts at 100 Wines and BO-beau, San Diego

Katherine Humphus does some amazing things with deep-fried veggies, but the 100 Wines and BO-beau chef also clearly loves her sweets. This season, she's tempting diners with Mediterranean-inspired sweets at 100 Wines like the pistachio and apricot baklava pictured above, plus French favorites like apple tart tatin and a crumbly almond torte to go along with the cozy bistro fare at BO-beau. More

Los Angeles: 8 Snack Cakes We Love

The search for L.A.'s best snack cakes began after spotting a few fancy-pants versions of childhood favorites around town—think decked out Ding Dongs and twee Twinkies. But as we started exploring, we noticed an array of other tempting mini-cakes that necessitated tasting, and so we expanded our survey to include smaller versions of cake classics that managed to pack as much oomph into their petite forms as their full-sized big sisters. Pretty was a plus, but they couldn't rest on their cuteness—they had to be moist, flavorful, and seriously delicious. More

11 Sweet Treats from Decadence at L.A. Food & Wine

Decadent is a word that gets thrown around a lot when talking about food—particularly eats of the rich, sweet, chocolaty, creamy variety. But as overused as the term might be, it was a pretty fitting title for Decadence, the dessert-themed after party held Saturday night as part of Los Angles Food & Wine. The real stars were the sweets, which ranged from sarsaparilla chocolate "joints" to Fruity Pebbles funnel cake to L.A.'s favorite budino. More

Los Angeles: 13 Breakfast Pastries We Love

Is there a sweeter way to start a day than with cup of really good coffee or tea and a perfect pastry? On a particularly blah morning, this combination can be the gentle nudge you need to get your day going. And with a repertoire of sweet breakfast treats from meticulously constructed croissants to sloppy, ooey-gooey sticky buns, L.A.'s bakeries are fully primed to give you that needed morning lift. More

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