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Wake and Bake: Fennel Fig Quick Bread

In the winter, my quick bread repertoire too easy falls into the same old banana bread rut. Sure, I might jazz it up with chocolate chips or even some nuts, but at the end of the day I'm always dreaming about the day that blueberries and peaches are back in season. Luckily fate intervened and ended my boredom, specifically by throwing a bag of figs at my face. More

American Classics: Kringle

When Danish immigrants settled in Racine, Wisconsin in the late 1800s, they brought with them a tender, buttery, fruit or nut-filled pastry known as the kringle. While kringle is the Danish word for pretzel, these days kringles are typically formed in a large ring or rectangle. Ask a Wisconsinite about kringle and they'll likely have a story or two. When I appealed to my Wisconsin pals to school me in the ways of the kringle, one friend replied with clear directions: "Drive to Racine. Buy Kringle. Scarf down Kringle in car quickly, so as to avoid sharing." More

Wake and Bake: Apple Cinnamon Quick Bread

Taking home an absurd amount of apples always seems to be the unintended byproduct of going apple picking. It's incredible, really, how my family never anticipates the bags of apples we'll have after a trip to the orchard. After a leisurely day of strolling through the trees, stopping for some cider and doughnuts, and picking an apple here or there, we're suddenly lugging ten pounds of fruit to our car. That's when the recipe scheming begins, though we know perfectly well just what crisps, cakes, muffins, and strudels we want to make to use up our bounty. More

Wake and Bake: Spicy Bacon Cheddar Muffins

The impetus for the recipe was my new found obsession with Black Pig Meat Company bacon. They dry cure the pork with brown sugar for up to 21 days, smoke it for 12 hours, then sell it in sinfully thick strips. I'm eating most of this bacon straight from the pan, but I couldn't resist cooking a few pieces, dicing them up, and tossing them into a fluffy muffin batter along with grated extra sharp cheddar cheese. The result is a cheesy, porky, salty muffin that has a hint of spice. And in case you're wondering, they're the perfect match for a plate of eggs. More

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