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NYC's Fancy Toasts That are Worth Their Price Tag

Devra Ferst 9 comments

In New York, savory toasts—particularly of the avocado variety—and sweet toasts at Asian bakeries like Tous Les Jours, are nothing new. But the trend has moved outward, and here are the versions which are worth their price. More

6 Vegan Sweets We Love in New York

Lauren Rothman 5 comments

Vegan sweets can be tasty but they can also be terrible, plagued by problems like way too much sugar, a leaden or gummy texture, or simply a lack of imagination. We weeded out the duds and found six great vegan sweets in the city: some of them from old standbys like BabyCakes, and a few from up-and-comers like Dun-Well Doughnuts in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Either way, with these sweet, fluffy, moist and sometimes decadent desserts, things are looking up for vegans in New York. More

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