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Sugar Rush: Chocolate Ganache Cake at Quack's 43rd Street Bakery, Austin

Meredith Bethune 1 comment

Specializing in cupcakes, cookies, and bars, this old school Hyde Park bakery also successfully executes fancier desserts. One in particular stands out as a good choice for Austinites who don't want to cook on Valentine's Day: the Chocolate Ganache Cake. More

Where to Get Dessert Near Austin's Trail of Lights

Meredith Bethune Post a comment

The Trail of Lights is Austin's most beloved Holiday attraction. Once you're in, there's no turning back. All roads lead to the giant Zilker Holiday Tree at the end of the trail. Prepare to get "hangry" if you show up on an empty stomach. If you're just looking for dessert after dinner, however, there are plenty of options along the Trail. More

Where to Indulge in Holiday Sweets in Austin

Meredith Bethune 2 comments

At this time of year, Austin bakeries and ice cream shops are simply bursting with both peppermint and eggnog flavored sweets. You'll also find Christmas cookies galore along with plenty of seasonal cupcakes, but there are also cranberry blondies, cream puffs filled with gingerbread cream, and boozy ice cream. More

Where To Get Halloween-Themed Sweets in Austin

Meredith Bethune Post a comment

Austin bakers are getting creative as they gear up for Halloween. So why just have another pumpkin flavored treat when you can celebrate with creepy cupcakes, gingerdead men, wormy doughnuts, and more? More

Sugar Rush: S'Mores Bar at Sugar Mama's Bakeshop, Austin

Stef Shapira Post a comment

Sugar Mama's Bakeshop is known for their cupcakes, but don't make the mistake of ignoring the other desserts in the pastry case at this Austin bakery. Their S'Mores Bar, made with freshly torched marshmallow, is the closest thing you'll find without actually being in front of a campfire, skewer in hand. More

Sugar Rush: Maytag Blue Cheesecake with Red Grape Sorbet at Kenichi, Austin

Veronica Meewes Post a comment

Sometimes designing a successful new dish comes down to creating a hybrid of two simple, yet very different, classics. That's exactly the concept behind the Maytag blue cheesecake with red grape sorbet at Kenichi in Austin. More

Not Your Uncle's Brownie: Using Hemp in Desserts

Veronica Meewes Post a comment

Tara Miko discovered the health benefits of hemp and started her own company, Happy Hemp to sell the edible seeds. Now chefs are incorporating them in sweets from panna cotta to chocolate bars to yes, "pot brownies". More

Sugar Rush: Olive Gelato at Uchiko, Austin

Melody Fury 5 comments

This salty-sweet dish is a hybrid of desserts by Philip Speer (executive pastry chef and culinary director of Uchi and Uchiko) and Andy Lewish (Uchiko's pastry chef), and it hits the spot like soft serve and french fries never could. More

8 Frozen Treats We Love in Austin, TX

Meredith Bethune 1 comment

Here in Austin, there are seemingly endless frozen sweet treats to help us survive the triple-digit temperatures of August. Here are 8 more frozen desserts we love. More

Sugar Rush: Artisanal Twinkies at drink.well, Austin

Veronica Meewes 1 comment

Over a year before Twinkies made waves by disappearing from, and quickly reappearing on, grocery store shelves, Austin's drink.well gastropub had already been crafting their own artisanal version. More

6 Pies We Love in Austin

Meredith Bethune 2 comments

There's no shortage of pie in Austin—in fact you could probably call it the city's favorite dessert. From chess to fruit to cream, these six slices are the perfect finish to any meal. More

First Look: Abstract Plating and French Technique on the Dessert Menu at Mettle, Austin

Melody Fury 3 comments

At Mettle, Bridget Dunlap's new East Austin bistro, Pastry chef Finney Walter is incorporating unusual ingredients such as togarashi (Japanese chili blend), epazote (a peppery Mexican herb) and white soy sauce into his unique dessert menu. More

Sugar Rush: Coconut Cream Pie at The Frisco Shop, Austin

Veronica Meewes 3 comments

This iconic Austin diner is about to celebrate its 60th birthday and features a dessert happy hour. No surprise, they make some awesome pie. More

We Chat With Callie Speer of Swift's Attic, Austin

Veronica Meewes 1 comment

Don't dare try to insinuate she can't cook, for she's had just as much experience on the line as at the pastry station. "There's always jokes about pastry chefs—that they don't know how to cook, they have dull knives, all that." Callie grins and declares with a slight Texas twang, "Whatever! I'll kick all y'all's asses!" More

Sugar Rush: Strawberry Jalapeño Profiteroles from Mulberry, Austin

Melody Fury 1 comment

Chef Kristine Kittrell's spin on profiteroles with strawberries and jalapeños demonstrates her passion for weaving local Texas ingredients with classical aesthetics. More

3 Desserts To Try Now At Barley Swine, Austin

Stef Shapira Post a comment

Austin's Barley Swine is known for serving hyper-local fare using the freshest ingredients, and the dessert section of the menu is no exception. Pastry chef Kyle McKinney utilizes the bountiful variety that the area has to offer, pushing the boundary of what qualifies as "dessert." We checked out three of McKinney's creations currently on the menu at Barley Swine. More

We Chat With Janina O'Leary of Trace, Austin

Veronica Meewes Post a comment

Janina O'Leary has worked at Per Se and Del Posto before moving to Austin to head the pastry program at Trace. We caught up with Janina to talk Julia Child, Thomas Keller, NYC, Austin, foraging, ice cream, and more. More

Sugar Rush: Chocolate Mousse at Foreign & Domestic, Austin

Stef Shapira Post a comment

Foreign & Domestic's Chocolate Mousse is composed of not just one but three layers of creamy decadence: chocolate mousse, banana custard, and mocha ice. Oh yeah, and one gloriously crunchy-chewy peanut butter cookie. More

Plinio Sandalio's Guide to Austin Sweets

Stef Shapira 6 comments

Austin may be known for its savory options like BBQ and Tex-Mex, but a number of pastry chefs have begun to put the city's sweets on the map. Plinio Sandalio, pastry chef at The Carillon, located on the University of Texas campus, is one of these dessert masterminds. His modern, seasonally-driven approach has garnered Sandalio praise from both the James Beard Foundation and Star Chefs. See where he likes to get his sweet fix in his current hometown of Austin. More

First Look: Cow Tipping Creamery, Austin

Veronica Meewes 4 comments

Cow Tipping Creamery is a turquoise gem in a food trailer park near Austin's University of Texas. The menu is a force to be reckoned with, and peanut butter sauce has to be one of the most ordinary things on it. You're more likely to find Dr. Pepper cherry sauce and blood orange olive oil and champagne marshmallows and honey dust—all made from scratch by Tim and Corey Sorenson. More

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