[Photographs: Emily Teel]

Oh springtime. Thank goodness you're here. How we've needed you. The dusty root vegetables lingering at the farmer's market have been slowly overshadowed by lush greens, sturdy asparagus and then, bang, stripes of red amidst the sea of green. The first red shock of rhubarb and the confirmation that seasons are shifting and strawberries are on their way.


Strawberry rhubarb preserves are by no means innovative, but they're a classic for a reason. The bright, rosy flavor of the sweet-tart pairing is our best attempt at bottling the optimism of the season. Even after both fruits have concluded their brief, wonderful moments, we'll still have this jam.

What else do we love? That it's a low sugar jam but still has a ton of flavor. Also that it gets its custardy texture from the body of the cooked rhubarb instead of added pectin. The loose texture makes it more versatile than some more stiff preserves. It's especially nice swirled into plain yogurt or spread over fresh goat cheese on toast.

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