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Is there anything as divisive in the world of sweets as white chocolate? People dismiss it as not really chocolate (usually followed by a table thump for emphasis). They argue that it has no flavor, or only tastes like sugar. Whereas "real" chocolate has taken an elegant, cheffy turn towards the dark and single origin bar, white chocolate remains mostly in the candy aisle, added to macadamias, Easter bunnies, and cookies-N-cream bars.

I for one like white chocolate. I like it because it's creamy and sweet and pairs well with fruit (like these lemon white chocolate macaroons or this blackberry white chocolate layer cake) . And while I'll even admit to eating super sweet, low quality white chocolate on occasion, there is such a thing as qualtity white chocolate—which according to the FDA is even technically chocolate.

As our ice cream guru Max says, "I think most white chocolate tastes like bad candy, but that's kind of true for milk chocolate as well. There are some really good brands, though. I'm surprised to admit it, but my favorite comes from Trader Joe's, which has some nice herbal flavors to go with the delicate cacao notes."

So what about you? Do you like white chocolate or ban it from your pantry? Let us know in the comments section below.


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