[Photograph: Alexandra Penfold]

This may seem blasphemous for a born New Englander, but as a kid I was never really fond of Boston Cream doughnuts. I take no issue with yeast doughnuts, chocolate frosting, and pastry cream. But if the whole is a sum of its parts, shouldn't those parts each be as delicious as they can be? Too often the frosting lacks real chocolate punch and the filling might best be described as unfortunate.

If Boston Creams are a favorite treat amongst your nearest as dearest, as they are amongst mine, then say no to waxy brown, chocolate-esque frosting and cloying, gloppy, fake-y vanilla flavored goo. This recipe makes sure each component is delicious; it combines a dark chocolate glaze, a vanilla bean pastry cream, and a tender yeast doughnut base. Making everything from scratch is time commitment and a labor of love, but if you count yourself as a doughnut enthusiast, this is well worth trying.


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