Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Seasonal Baking: What To Make With Meyer Lemons

It wasn't all that long ago that Meyer lemons were an obscure oddity, available only for a few fleeting moments in the deep of winter. Nowadays, you can find them in many more markets when they are at their peak from late November to early March. This fashionable darling of the citrus world is valued for its delicate, sweetly floral flavor and aroma which is less tart than its more acerbic relatives.

Here's a roundup desserts that bring out the nuances of Meyers. While some of the recipes were designed specifically with them in mind, others are welcoming to regular lemons as well. When using Meyer lemon juice in a recipe written for regular ones, such as the Shaker Lemon Pie, cut back on the sugar or you'll end up with a dessert that's sickly sweet. Start by halving the amount that it calls for, then adjusting to taste. Used judiciously, Meyers can turn a lemon-based treat into something a bit more special.

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