[Photographs: Erin Jackson]

After flipping through this slideshow of every species of Goldfish, I was so intrigued by some of the sweet flavors, I engineered a trip to Target for the sole purpose of trying the cookies & cream flavor. But when I got to the Goldfish section, I spotted something new that looked even more appealing: French Toast Goldfish Grahams ($1.97).

The cheerful package features an inviting image of two slices of cinnamon swirl french toast with syrup and a big pat of butter. A quick glance at the nutritional information sealed the deal. Did you know that a serving of Goldfish crackers is defined as 34 pieces? Into the cart they went (along with the cookies & cream—I'm no dummy).


I was expecting the cookies to taste more like custard, with notes of butter and maple syrup. Instead, they taste exactly like cinnamon toast: crunchy, sweet, and heavy on the cinnamon, with background notes of brown sugar and molasses. The tiny cookies are excellent all by themselves, but given their similarity to cinnamon toast (and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal), I had to try them with a splash of milk.


Goldfish French Toast Grahams with chocolate milk

The result? Pretty tasty, but you've got to eat quickly, before they get soggy. Next time, I'm mixing them into my yogurt, sprinkling them on top of ice cream, and stashing the bag in the secret corner of the cookie cupboard my husband doesn't know about (shhh...)

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