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Cincinnati's BonBonerie has won over hearts for decades, as they pump out rich cupcakes and the ever-popular Opera Cake sold daily by the dozens. But Sharon's Coney Island Hearts ($1.95/lb) are a local classic and the perfect Valentine's Day treat.

It's a rather simple concept; a shortbread cookie is layered with raspberry jam and then piped with another layer of cookie and a light sprinkle of powdered sugar. But the surprise and the excitement comes from the sturdiness of the butter cookie, which is substantial and takes a hefty bite to break into without being hard or brittle. The thin smear of jam is just sweet enough to balance the buttery richness of the cookie, altogether making it perfect for pairing alongside a cup of hot tea.

Sharon came up with the recipe in tribute to her grandmother—who made a simple butter cookie she adored—shaping them into hearts and naming them "Coney Island Hearts" in additional love for the local landmark that shaped her childhood. Sweet.

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The BonBonerie

The BonBonerie

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