[Photographs: Jessie Oleson Moore]

If you think chocolates are the way to lure love, think again. The true recipe for love can be found in this sweet interpretation of Pop-Tarts, dressed up for Valentine's Day as "Pop-Hearts".

In this toothsome homemade take on a commercial classic, a tender, flaky heart-shaped crust is filled with Nutella, then baked to crispy-on-the edges, soft-on-the-inside perfection. A healthy dollop of confectioners' sugar glaze with rainbow sprinkles makes these treats as adorable as they are sweet.

Best of all? These treats come together in just about half an hour (including bake time), so you can wake n' bake with ease.

About the author: Jessie Oleson Moore is a writer, illustrator, gallery owner, and cake anthropologist who runs Cakespy, an award-winning dessert website. Her first book came out in October 2011, and her second book came out in May 2013.


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