[Photograph: Chris Terry]

This is one of those couldn't-be-simpler cookie recipes, courtesy of Sweet. Mango and pecans play very well together, especially when the latter is toasted, and the former finely chopped. They're mixed into a gooey suspension of butter, sugar and honey, and dipped into dark chocolate. Delicious.

Tips: Sometimes, dried mango can be a little tough and leathery. Instead of trying to hack it into identical pieces with a kitchen knife, use scissors. It makes very short work of what would otherwise be a laborious task.

Tweaks: As far as we can tell, the "clear honey" called for in the recipe is simply filtered honey, or honey you can see through. Not raw, or with the beeswax in. To that extent, feel free to use your favorite type of honey, whether it's wildflower, mesquite, or just plain old Golden Blossom; it will add a personal touch.

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