The great part about Christmas is that there is an abundance of cookies. Sandwich cookies, sparkling cookies, chocolate cookies, cut-out and decorated cookies—a season with something for everyone.

But what's more in the Christmas spirit than playing favorites?

Here's what the SE staff singles out from the pack:

Kenji: I'm not much of a cookie eater, but when I crave one, it's classic chocolate chip with a chewy center and crisp, toffee-like edges.

Maggie: I have a soft spot for this family recipe—it's hard to beat oatmeal cookies that are full of spice (and a touch of cocoa powder to make the flavor more interesting.)

Jamie: Hmn...can't say I have a lot of personal experience with Christmas cookies to be honest, but I do like those old-school soft sugar cookies with colorful sprinkles.

Max: Molasses-y gingerbread cookies full of candied ginger. But only the soft, chewy kind--the crisp ones are strictly for pie crust and icebox cake in my house.

Robyn: I can't say I have a favorite Christmas cookie—I didn't grow up eating cookies around Christmas (insert sad face)—but if I had to start a new Christmas cookie tradition, I'd gorge on speculoos.

As for me, Linzer cookies are my jam (har har) but I couldn't give up the bounty from my annual sugar cookie decorating party either.

What about you Serious Eaters? What are your favorite cookies during the holiday season, to make or to eat?


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