When you get down to it, baking is a fun activity, so it makes sense to gift the baker in your life something lighthearted. Here are some non-traditional options.

For Christmas Carders

Sigh. Haven't we all been there? We start out making a batch of cookies and the next thing we know, we're drunk. No reason not to express the sentiment on a Christmas card, especially if you send them out to family.

For Groupies


Ryan Gosling fans, I know you're out there. And I know you'd like to dry off your hands on his face.

For The Other Groupies


While I may not personally want a Ryan Gosling tea towel, I would totally love these cookie cutters stamped with the house sigils from Game of Thrones. Cookies are coming.

For Cake Bakers


Drinks editor Maggie tipped me off to this hilarious cake stand. I believe that all cakes should be elevated off the table to be properly hailed and praised (in this case your cake will get a lift of 10 inches), but I understand that a traditional cake stand can feel a little fancy. This stand is good for less serious occasions—plus, wouldn't it be great if all our desserts were carried to us on the backs of giant birds?

For Fans of Math and/or Puns

The Pi/Pie joke never gets old for me (especially because we celebrate Pi/Pie day every year on SE.) But anyone who's a fan of a little math humor will appreciate this cute pie dish.

For Burger Loving Bakers

I personally like my cakes to look like...cake, but I know there are some people who would love nothing more than to eat a piece of cake while shouting, "But it looks like a hamburger!" This gift is for them.

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