Cookies from Beurre & Sel [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Hello, it's your own Cookie Monster here. Do you have someone in your life who just loves cookies? Maybe they like baking them (lucky you), the kind of person who's always ready to whip up a quick batch and keeps a log of dough at the ready. Or maybe they like eating them (hi, Dad), someone who never says no to a sweet snack and a glass of milk. Whichever type of cookie lover they are, here are gifts they're sure to enjoy.

The Edible Gift

If you can't get to the actual Beurre & Sel store in New York City, fear not, Dorie Greenspan's delicious cookies are available online. Her cookies are known for their rich but never too sweet flavors, and I'd love to find a package in my stocking. Chocoholics will like her World Peace cookies, and the Port Jammers feel extra seasonally appropriate.

Buy Now: Beurre & Sel Cookies ($14)

The Traditional Decorator's Gift


Edible wafer paper is the perfect gift for cookie decorating novices and pros alike. It's great for novices because if you can paint some corn syrup onto a cookie—or glue things, really—you can make these professional looking cookies. At the same time, the extra dexterous can take it up a notch, adding their own piped accents onto the paper motifs.

There is a great selection of papers at Fancy Flours, from vintage vegetable lables to puppies. If you're gifting earlier in the season, go with one of their Christmas sets, like this Vintage Christmas Collage Wafer Paper. The 8- by 11-inch sheet is printed with 8 assorted Christmas collage images.

Buy Now: Vintage Christmas Collage Wafer Paper($5)

The Silly Decorator's Gift


I love cookie cutters and make it a point to collect interesting shapes. (You never know when that flamingo cutter will come in handy, right?) So though I don't personally practice yoga, any of my yogie friends would be sure to appreciate these cutters from Baked Ideas. The custom cookie company sells two sets: lotus group and downward dog group. Ech set includes 5 4.25-inch cutters.

Buy Now:Yoga Cookie Cutters ($32.50/set)

The Must-Have Cookie Book

Whether your cookie monster wants to have a guide to all the basic cookies or they want inspiration for lesser known treats, The King Arthur Cookie Companion is for them. What I particularly love is the set-up of the book. It's broken down into the "Essential Cookies", which is how I actually think of cookies: chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar, peanut butter, shortbread, molasses-ginger, brownies, and biscotti. It doesn't have a photo of every cookie, but it's a reference book for the long haul.

The Must-Have Equipment

They're not cheap, but if you're a dedicated baker a good stand mixer pays itself back in spades. It means less man power, which I do appreciate from the standpoint of pure laziness (it's sad how much I relish not having to hold the electric beaters for a mere 5 minutes) but also because it creates better results in recipes like rugelach that require the beating of cold ingredients.

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