Bake the Book: Coconut Saras

[Photo: Deborah Jones]

These coconut kisses from Seriously Bitter Sweet are a modernized version of Sarah Bernhardt cookies, made to honor the actress. Here, coconut macaroons are filled with a whipped ganache and coated with chocolate. And they're named for a different Sara, one who's worked as the art director on every one of Alice's eight books.

Tips: Since the ganache doesn't have to be piped perfectly (it's going to get coated in chocolate, anyway), you can use the cut-off corner of a Ziploc bag in a pinch. When you're done piping, cut the bag open and enjoy a bonus spoonful of ganache! That's something you can't do with more costly piping bags.

Tweaks: This recipe was tested with coconut chips, which can be found at the bulk aisle of Whole Foods, or in the natural foods aisle of many supermarkets. It made the macarons interesting, but traditional macaroons use shredded, sweetened coconut—so use that if old-school flavor is what you're after.

As always with our Bake the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of Seriously Bitter Sweet to give away.

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