Bake the Book: Chocolate Marquise

[Photo: Deborah Jones]

Much like a mousse, but richer, is how you'll find this Chocolate Marquise from Seriously Bitter Sweet. Serve separate portions in ramekins, and be generous with the whipped cream so that everyone feels special having their own dish. Darker is not always better in this case; a more milky chocolate increases the indulgent factor.

Tips: Cocoa nibs used to be far harder to find, but that's not the case anymore. Look for roasted cocoa nibs to make the Cocoa Bean Cream that tops this dessert in either the baking aisle or with the health foods—they're quite good for you. However, packaged as a health food, they tend to be more expensive. And yes, they can be referred to as either cocoa or cacao nibs.

Tweaks: Normally, I'd maintain that darker is better, but using a 64 to 66% chocolate instead of something in the 70% range adds a little sweetness that makes the dessert taste a little more special since the serving sizes are so small. It also goes well with a whipped cream topping.

As always with our Bake the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of Seriously Bitter Sweet to give away.


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