[Photo: Deborah Jones]

You've probably made chocolate cookies before, but not like these. Seriously Bitter Sweet: The Ultimate Dessert Maker's Guide to Chocolate uses melted chocolate and butter to make the batter, then stirs in a healthy amount of chocolate chunks to top it all off.

Tips: The recipe might sound a bit fussy to make, what with prepping ingredients in a bowl set in a skillet of simmering water. In truth, it's less annoying than softening butter, creaming it with sugar, and whipping it all together. Get yourself a few clean steel bowls before starting, and putting it all together should be a snap.

Tweaks: The recipe allows for the stirred in chocolate chunks to be anywhere from 54 to 72% cacao. I recommend erring on the side of bittersweet—too much milky chocolate can taste cloying.

As always with our Bake the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of Seriously Bitter Sweet to give away.

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