[Photograph: Lauren Weisenthal]

Salt-in-sweets is one trend I'm not sick of—probably because for me, it's not a trend at all. Whether it's sneaking in an extra 1/4 tablespoon salt into a batch of cookies or putting a pinch in some frosting, the truth is that salt puts sweets over the top, and your favorite pastry chefs use this trick all the time.

Now there are some sweets that go a bit farther, are a little more aggressive for the chocolate-covered pretzel fans. This is one of them. The interior of the pie is essentially regular pecan pie plus chopped bittersweet chocolate, resulting in a slice that's full of rich caramel custard and pecans, with a chocolatey edge.

Because the interior is quite rich, like a giant Turtle candy, the salt helps balance things out. It also makes the pie crazy addictive, so be warned that you'll be asked to repeat it far beyond Thanksgiving.


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