[Photograph: Elizabeth Barbone]

Make no mistake, it's great that it's become common courtesy to plan for guests with food allergies. There's no reason that everyone shouldn't enjoy dessert, especially on Thanksgiving. But when there are multiple allergies (most commonly to gluten, dairy, or eggs), things can get tricky.

This pie is the simple and delicious solution to providing a dessert to please every guest at your holiday table. Coconut milk stands in for dairy and instead of eggs, the custard gets its smooth and creamy texture from a quick cook on the stove-top using cornstarch as the thickener.

The crust? We've got plenty of options. Try a crumb crust by grinding allergen-safe gingersnaps (or other cookies) or use our go-to gluten-free crust or gluten-and-allergen-free crust.

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