Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 16 Doughnuts to Make for Hanukkah

Doughnuts are easy to love any day of the year, but they're doubly lovable at Hanukkah, when their deep-fried nature gets that added ring of symbolism. We know that many people will go out and buy their sufganiyah, but there's nothing more special than a doughnut fresh from the fryer at home.

And as long as you've got the fryer out, no need to stick to jelly doughnuts (though we have an awesome recipe for those)—try our pumpkin spice doughnuts or chocolate zeppole. And for those in need, we've got gluten-free options too.

If you're still a little shy around deep-fryers, have no fear: our step-by-step guide takes the mystery out of it so that you can whip them up for all eight days.

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About the author:Rémy Robert is an editorial intern at Serious Eats and recent graduate of Brown University. She's a diehard New Orleanian and makes a point to start each day with a bite of chocolate.


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