Ed. Note: When's the last time you tried a new candy—just because? For the SE staff, that time is now. Each day for the two weeks leading up to Halloween, we will try a candy we haven't had before, and tell the tale.

Maybe I just have a problem with personified candy in general (those M&M commercials where Red is being dragged home by a lady to be eaten are messed up, am I right?), but regardless, Mr. Goodbar, you're dragging that good name in the mud.

True, I didn't realize a Mr.Goodbar is just a regular old Hershey's bar, branded rectangles and all, into which someone threw some old peanut shavings. My first rule of candy: Don't eat a Hershey's bar unless it's surrounded by toasted marshmallows and graham crackers.

As suspected, that chalky, not-quite-chocolate flavor comes through strongly, as does the sheer sweetness. Taste-wise, the peanuts struggle to make themselves known at all, and if it weren't for the texture, in most bites I wouldn't necessarily know they were there.


It doesn't help that the peanuts are staler than the nut bowl at your local dive bar. Maybe all the stale peanut bits are swept off the Planters factory floor and sold to Hershey's at a discount. Or better yet, like a carrot, other Hershey's nut products get the inner baby peanut, and Mr. Goodbar is left with the outer shavings....that they then leave in a broom closet for 3 years to age.

In a thick, nugget-like mini version, maybe things work out better. Maybe the peanuts can come in real peanut shape, not shaved bits, or maybe there's a better chocolate-to-peanut ratio. But this flat, oddly chewy bar isn't doing it for me.


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