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Ed. Note: When's the last time you tried a new candy—just because? For the SE staff, that time is now. Each day for the two weeks leading up to Halloween, we will try a candy we haven't had before, and tell the tale.

Even though I've eaten endless amounts of standard Milky Way bars (and Mars bars, the Canadian equivalent), I've never taken the plunge with a Milky Way Midnight Dark, despite eyeing it many times at the check-out counter. According to the label, it features rich, dark chocolate, golden caramel, and vanilla nougat. But what's always appealed to me most is the name itself. This bar sounds sultry and mysterious...maybe even dangerous.

Normally, my chocolate of choice is milk chocolate with a cocoa content hovering around 30 percent, but I figured that since it had two sweet fillings, the bar would benefit from a more intense chocolate coating to bring some depth.


On one hand, that's totally true. The chocolate (which tastes and smells like semi-sweet chocolate chips) contrasts nicely with the vanilla nougat, but the balance is way off. The nougat has the texture of a super-sticky marshmallow and all the subtlety of a two pound bag of sugar that's fired at your front teeth with a high speed cannon. There's caramel too, but it was overpowered.


The first bite was awesome. The euphoria rush was strong and swift. By the second, my entire body was screaming for water and the time it took me to move two feet to the tap and fill a glass seemed like an eternity. Spiked with all that sugar, I felt electrified, and not in a fun way.

Without peanuts, rice crisps, or a cookie/wafer-type element to mellow out the bar, the Milky Way Midnight was way too sweet for my tastes. Looking at the ingredients list confirmed that it has a crap-ton of sugar. After chocolate (whose first ingredient is sugar), the next two components are corn syrup and sugar, followed by oil, skim milk, lactose, salt, egg whites, and flavorings. All told, the 49.9 gram bar has 29 grams of sugar, but it feels like even more.

I never finished the second half.

About the author: Erin Jackson is a food writer and photographer who is obsessed with discovering the best eats in San Diego. You can find all of her discoveries on her San Diego food blog EJeats.com. On Twitter, she's @ErinJax


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