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Ed. Note: When's the last time you tried a new candy—just because? For the SE staff, that time is now. Each day for the two weeks leading up to Halloween, we will try a candy we haven't had before, and tell the tale.

Of all the candy bars out there, Twix has been my favorite since childhood. I loved that the package included two bars because I'd always save the second one "for later". Gooey caramel, crunchy wafer, and milk chocolate make the perfect combination of flavor and texture when I'm craving something sweet. So when I saw the Cadbury Crunchie at Economy Candy, I thought this bar might be right up my alley.

Crunchie is described as "Milk Chocolate with Golden Honeycombed Centre". Honeycomb?! In a candy bar?! And it's from the UK! I vaguely remember liking Thorton's chocolates and various Cadbury's goodies that my sister brought back from her year abroad in London. I imagined it was going to have a honey flavor in addition to that combination of gooey caramel and crunchiness that I love.

Sadly, I was disappointed. Turns out Crunchie is more similar to a Butterfinger than Twix. The "honeycombed centre" is actually a variant on toffee and refers to the texture of the candy rather than having anything to do with honey. The inside is somehow crumbly and sticky at the same time, and it fused to my teeth as I tried to chew it. With caramel, I don't mind the stickiness because it dissolves quickly, but the "honeycomb" part just seemed to hang around forever. It's also really really sweet without having much of a honey flavor.

In the end, I didn't even end up eating half the bar. The sickly sweetness wasn't offset by the chocolate and I couldn't take the feeling of having it on my teeth. I'd take Twix over a Crunchie any day!

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About the author: Tracie Lee is the designer at Serious Eats and loves spicy food and baking apple pies. Her eyes are definitely bigger than her stomach.


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