Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Behind the Scenes: Berry Pie With a Cookie Crust at Cusp in La Jolla, CA

[Photographs: Erin Jackson]

Cookie dough is one of my all-time favorite foods, to the point where I consider it major victory if I bake more than 25 percent of a given batch. Between swiping it straight from the bowl and eating frozen balls of dough that were intended to be baked at some later date, the lion's share of it never makes it to the oven.

At Cusp, the top-floor restaurant at the Hotel La Jolla, chef Donald Lockhart shares a similar passion for cookie dough, though his focus is on coming up with new ways to present it, not eating it raw like a crazed animal. His latest creation is mixed berry pie topped not with a traditional crust or crumble, but oatmeal raisin cookie dough, rolled into a thin sheet.

Lockhart says the raisins add natural sweetness, and you can squish them into a flat shape a lot easier than chocolate chips. If you're firmly against raisins, sub in cranberries, or leave the fruit out all together.

Click through the slideshow to see exactly how quickly and easily this impromptu dessert comes together. You're going to want to try this at home.

About the author: Erin Jackson is a food writer and photographer who is obsessed with discovering the best eats in San Diego. You can find all of her discoveries on her San Diego food blog On Twitter, she's @ErinJax

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