Cute Animal Doughnuts from Japan, Turned into Manga and Anime, and Back Into Doughnuts


Animal doughnut pile from Animal Doughnut of Ikumimama. [Photograph: イクミママのどうぶつドーナツ on Facebook]

Two years ago, I came across these cute cat-themed doughnuts from Floresta, a doughnut shop chain in Japan. I had no idea how much the world of cute animal-themed doughnuts had grown since then until I read this recent post on Kotaku. The answer: It has grown so very much.


Doughnuts from Animal Doughnut of Ikumimama. [Screenshot:]

The kingdom of animal doughnuts—or doubutsu doonatsu (どうぶつドーナツ), "animal doughnuts" in Japanese—includes far more than just cats: you've also got bears, pigs, frogs, owls, dogs, cows, and then some.

Former Floresta employee Ikumi Nakao, who helped create the animal doughnuts, opened her own animal doughnut-centric shop Animal Doughnut of Ikumimama last June. If you live in Japan and can't get to the shop in Kawasaki, you can order them for delivery online.

Unfortunately, the trade-off for cuteness may be flavor. One of my friends who recently visited Japan tried an animal doughnut at Floresta and said it didn't taste very good. Have any other SE'ers tried Floresta or Ikumimama?



The popularity of cute animal doughnuts cannot be contained within the realm of the edible. Last August marked the release of Donyatsu, a manga series focused on a cat doughnut-looking creature named Donyatsu ("nya" is "meow" in Japanese) and other animal pastry-looking creatures. This past June, the manga got turned into an anime series. It''s something. Watch the animated shorts below:

Donyatsu Episode 1

[Video: DonyatsuCH on YouTube]

Donyatsu Episode 2

[Video: DonyatsuCH on YouTube]

If anyone who understands Japanese can fill us in on what the story is behind Donyatsu, do tell.

Update: SE'er (and former SE intern!) Emily Koh tweeted this translation to me:

1st story is about playing catch with Japanese word game shiritori, but Bagel just sucks at throwing balls.

2nd story is Donyatsu and Bagel are too engrossed in video games and Ronya gets mad bc they promised to go shopping.

Ronya is all, "Oh, BOYS! Hmph," and finds the easiest way to bring them to the dept store. Amazing. Hahaha.


Donyatsu, armed and ready. [Photograph:]

With the release of manga and anime also comes merchandise—figurines, cell phone accessories, notebooks, stickers, and more. Serious fans surely can't miss out on the limited-edition, combat-ready, gatling gun-toting Donytasu.


[Photograph: @donyatsu_anime on Twitter]

But wait, the world of non-edible cat doughnut products has returned to the world of the edible! There are now doughnuts based on Donyatsu characters (aka Donyatsu doonatsu). Yes, doughnuts based on an anime based on doughnuts. These doughnuts will be available for a limited time starting August 15 at SBY in Shibuya 109 in Tokyo and Osaka for ¥‎200 each.

And now, some of my favorite Animal Doughnut of Ikumimama photos, just because.

Animal Doughnuts!!!


[Photographs: @ikumi_mama on Twitter; view 'em all here]










[via Eater]

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