[Photograph: Georgia Glynn Smith]

Playing off the recent resurgence of red velvet comes an Oreo cookie-crusted red velvet cheesecake topped with clouds of whipped cream. The white, black, and red layers are visually striking, and the flavor mixes that familiar Oreo taste with cool, creamy chocolate. This Say It With Cake dessert speaks volumes.

Tips & Tweaks: Opening up and scraping out two packages' worth of Oreos is a hassle, but a far better bet than buying a prepackaged crust. Chilling the cookies beforehand makes it easier to twist the cookies cleanly off the cream. And once you have that much filling on hand, it's a snap to roll it into a giant ball and take bites out of it. Don't worry. We won't judge.

As always with our Bake the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of Say It With Cake to give away.


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