Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 8 Frozen Treats We Love in Austin, TX

[Photographs: Meredith Bethune]

Here in Austin, there are seemingly endless frozen sweet treats to help us survive the triple-digit temperatures of August. Maybe you thought we covered everything with creative sundaes at Cow Tipping Creamery, frozen bananas at Bananarchy, milkshakes and frozen hot chocolate at Holy Cacao, and seemingly endless choices for sno cones. Nope! Here are 8 more diverse choices for frozen desserts.

Taiwanese Shaved Ice at Coco's Cafe
Popsicles from The Popcycle
The Himalayan Sundae at Yeti Custard
Halo-Halo at Filipino Asian Mart
Tres Leches Ice Cream with Cardamon Toasted Coconut at Ice Cream Social
Roasted Banana and Brown Sugar Milkshake at 24 Diner
Patbingsu at Tous Les Jours
Affogato at Teo Gelato

About the author: Meredith Bethune is a writer, blogger, and sausage and bacon maker. She is currently living in Austin and learning about the wonders of barbecue and chicken-fried steak. Follow her on Twitter (@MeredithBethune).


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