Supermarket Sweets: We Try The Two New Flavors of Teddy Grahams

Supermarket Sweets

Taste-test, Aisle 1.


[Photographs: Carrie Vasios]

Teddy Grahams are a genius snack. They hit the intersection of tasty, carb-y, cute, and, most importantly, sweet but not too sweet (i.e. you can eat 100 without thinking twice). The honey and cinnamon flavors have kept me from losing my lunch on more than one car trip as a kid, and saved my sanity when I was a counselor on long, hot bus trips with overexcited little campers. Original Teddy Grahams: geared towards children, play well with adults.

And let's be honest, Mom and Dad are much more likely to buy cookies they like nibbling on than some sweet-of-the-moment which little Bobby will eat for a week then get sick of. Yet the two newest flavors on the market—Apple and Strawberry-Banana—immediately struck me as being for-kids-only. A dangerous move.


Top row: Apple. Bottom Row: Strawberry-Banana. Good thing they don't come in a mixed box.

Both these new cookies have strong smells. Opening the box of Apple Grahams felt like walking into a first grade classroom. I can almost taste the fruit juice, hear the scratch of crayons on cheap, thick yellowish paper, and feel the sticky fingers. Funnily enough, the Grahams themselves are a little sticky, like they've been coated in an apple veneer. Luckily, the flavor is more mild than the smell. These cookies don't taste like a bright crisp Pink Lady apple, but they don't taste like fake sour gummy apples, either. They have a clean apple juice flavor with no lingering fake aftertaste, meaning, like their forebearers (wah wah), they're easily gobbled up by the handful. My one suggestion? A hint of cinnamon would be nice. Bottom line: they'd get a B+ in the survey class I'll teach one day on childhood snacks.

Strawberry Banana, on the other hand, fails the class. They taste like a pink Starburst mixed with children's Tylenol. The whole point of Teddy Grahams is that you can eat a few handfuls without having taste-bud overload; these are in your face with fake fruit flavor. I shudder to think how they'd pair with a glass of juice.

Overall, I'd definitely stick to the old flavors. And please, Nabisco, don't come out with any ice cream flavored bears.

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