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I'll admit I've been a bit narrow minded when it comes to upside-down cake. I assumed it was owned by pineapple, like in Mean Girls when Regina tells Gretchen Wieners that she's not allowed to wear hoop earrings because they're her thing. Side note: let's make another version of that movie in which every character is a food. Lindsey Lohan (circa 2004) would definitely be a cronut.


Anyway, a little late night internet search that started with "Tayberry recipe?" somehow led to an old post from Joy the Baker in which she made strawberry upside down cake with cardamom. I'd never seen an upside-down cake made with anything other than pineapple, but her version looked quite tasty. "If you wanted to experiment with other berries for this recipe, I'd totally support you!" said Joy at the end of her post. Joy, I thought, I might just take you up on that.

With blueberries finally in season, I decided to use them as my fruit of choice, and turns out they make for pretty awesome upside-down cake. The technique is the same for any upside-down cake, and it's a simple one: Melt some butter in a cake pan, then sprinkle it with brown sugar and pour in the blueberries. Top the layer of fruit with cake batter. Bake cake until golden then invert, revealing the beautiful layer of cooked fruit on top.

The cake base is moist and flavored with cinnamon and every bite gets some of the juicy berries on top. Next time I think I'll try it with a mix of berries. Maybe even tayberries, to answer my own question.

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