Divina from Chuao [Photograph: Erin Jackson]

In her popular Ocean Beach bakery Azúcar, Vivian Hernandez-Jackson combines her classic French training with her Cuban roots. Yet despite being surrounded by more than worthy candidates to satisfy any sugar cravings—take a look at the the Cray-Nut or the Divina, for example—she still maintains fierce loyalties to a host of sweets scattered all over San Diego. Here are her picks, from early morning sugar bombs like pineapple upside down pancakes to a bread that's so chocolatey it's liable to put you into a chocolate coma.

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Vivian's picks

Rachel King's Coconut Lemongrass Tapioca: It is coconut heaven: creamy, sweet, and tart. My husband and I each have to get our own. Rachel says she'll be adding it to the dessert menu at Nine-Ten, where she's the new pastry chef.

Cannoli at Pomodoro: I am a huge cannoli fan and Pomodoro in Point Loma has the best. They're very dense, not full of "fluff". Even if I am stuffed after dinner I get one to-go for breakfast.

Pineapple Upside Down pancakes at Snooze: I love these for a sweet breakfast treat. The custard sauce on top is craaaaazy.

Spumoni at Gelato Vero Caffe: This is my favorite gelato. It has a little bit of everything: cherries, nuts, and chocolate.

Salted White Chocolate Cookie at Tender Greens: This cookie is just awesome. I always grab one to balance out my healthy salad.


Raisin topped cinnamon rolls from Con Pane, courtesy photo

Cinnamon Roll (with raisins) from Con Pane: I never get to eat much of this, as I have to pry it out of my two year old's hands. I wonder where her love of sugar comes from....


Chocolate pain latte from Bread and Cie [Photograph: Erin Jackson]

Amaretti Cookies from Bread and Cie: I love almond flavors and Bread and Cie makes these little amaretti cookies that rock. I also love the chocolate pain latte but I need to make sure there is nothing else I need to get done for the day before I consume this. Chocolate coma. OMG so good.

Salted Chocolate Crunch Bar from Chuao: This is dangerous, as in I will inhale it in the car on the way home


Lemon Mist Cake from Seaside Market, courtesy photograph

Lemon Mist Cake at Sea Side Market: The lemon mist cake (available by the slice at the their deli counter) reminds me of a childhood favorite. I lived off of this through both my pregnancies. Everyone showed up at the hospital with lemon cake! Much better than flowers.

Torte Lion Belge from Michele Coulon: I love all the texture in this dessert. Layers of rich chocolate cake, chocolate meringue, chocolate mousse and chocolate cream.This is definitely a treat for me, it is chocolate to the extreme.


Chocolate Cake from D Bar, courtesy photograph

Chocolate Cake at D Bar: I just love this chocolate cake. Don't be fooled by its simple appearance, it is crazy good.

About the author: Erin Jackson is a food writer and photographer who is obsessed with discovering the best eats in San Diego. You can find all of her discoveries on her San Diego food blog EJeats.com. On Twitter, she's @ErinJax


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